Mindfulness Resources

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Practical Guide to Mindfulness
The Mindful Way Through Depression
The Mindful Path Through Worry and Rumination
The Mindful Path to Self Compassion
Refuge Recovery – Buddhist Path To Addiction Recovery
The Mindfulness Workbook For Anxiety
Present Perfect – Mindfulness For Perfectionism and Control
Mindfulness For Anger Management


Introductory Mindfulness Course

If you are looking to give Mindfulness a try then an excellent way to get into meditation is the 8 week introductory course given by Mark Williams. This comprises of a series of 8 short meditations that run on a weekly cycle. Practice these meditations once or twice a day for the 8 weeks and you will almost certainly gain some benefit.

Mindfulness Course – Week 1 – Breathing Anchor


See also Yutthadhammo Bhikkhu’s brief 3 part introduction to meditation

  1. How to Meditate I – What is Meditation?
  2. How to Meditate II – Sitting Meditation
  3. How to Meditate III – Walking Meditation

You can convert these videos into audio files if you wish using a Youtube to MP3 Converter so you have a portable version to take around with you on MP3 players and other devices.

Videos on Mindfulness

The definitive resource online for videos around the subject of Mindfulness, Meditation and Buddhism in general can be found at the Sirimangalo video page. Here you can find literally hundreds of videos by Yutthadhammo Bhikkhu answering topics on just about every subject one could think of to ask regarding mindfulness and meditation. If you have any question about how mindfulness and meditation relates or can help with any condition or life issue, then there is a good chance it is answered here.

Here are some more videos we think are useful introductions to the topic of mindfulness and meditation

Mark Williams introductory talk on Mindfulness


Mark Williams on Mindfulness for Depression


Daniel Goleman on Focus and Mindfulness


Meditation for Substance Addiction


Meditation For Sexual Addiction (And Addiction in General)


Letting Go Of Past Events and People That Have Affected Us


Buddhist view on Anger and Depression


Meditation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Is Meditation Dangerous?


Why Am I Attached To Suffering? Observing reality (meditating) allows us to understand reality, which in turn allows us to let go.