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About EMDR Healing

Your Trusted EMDR Resource

Our mission is and always has been to be a trusted, impartial resource on EMDR therapy.

EMDRHealing.com was founded by Mary-Beth Zolik, M.Ed LMHC . Mary-Beth is the primary author on the site however from time to time she invites handpicked mental health professionals to contribute their knowledge as well as patients to share their experiences.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR is a therapeutic paradigm largely created for, and most effective at, dealing with trauma. Having been refined over several decades, it has proven so effective in this regard that it is an officially recommended therapy for the treatment of trauma by the World Health Organization.


Multiple clinical and review studies have highlighted the effectiveness of EMDR therapy and it’s a recommended or recognised therapy to many leading organizations around the world but there are some potential risks.

We believe that integral to our mission of being a trusted resource on EMDR therapy is to provide guidance on the dangers and limitations of the therapy.