EMDR equipment is a sizable investment and there are a number of different providers – which one should you choose?

The question we get from EMDR therapists is, “Which brand do you recommend?

Our #1 choice for EMDR Equipment

We recommend EMDR Kit to all EMDR therapists looking for professional equipment. Their kits are easy to use and trusted by thousands of therapists worldwide.
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EMDR Kit is a company based in the Netherlands and has sold equipment to thousands of therapists all over the World. They started producing their line of EMDR equipment around 2011 and since then have continuously improved their products based on user feedback. They also have an intensive collaboration with the trauma treatment practice that they originated from, allowing them to adapt to user needs at a rapid pace.

Unlike other brands, EMDR Kit manufactures their equipment themselves in the Netherlands. It might be cheaper to outsource production, but keeping production locally assures better control of quality as well as being more sustainable. Furthermore, it allows for rapid feedback implementation. This is reflected in the quality and features of their equipment.

Currently EMDR Kit offers two lines of products, one being controlled with a controller and the other being controlled with an app on your mobile phone. They offer sets that consist of all modalities that you could want to use (visual, tactile, and sound), but you can also purchase the individual modalities separately if you do not want to work with all modalities.

What Is An EMDR Kit Composed Of?

In general, both have been well designed. The Light Tubes of both the EMDR Kit Classic and the Wireless seems to have a large number of lights on their light tube, which makes the movement of the light dot very smooth.

With both sets, you can change settings on the go. So there is no need to stop your session if you want to adjust anything. You can keep an eye on the amount of BLS sets or times in the display of the controller or app.

EMDR Kit Wireless

We love the modern design of the wireless EMDR Kit. It really looks like the most modern equipment on the market. We do like the wireless aspect. It allows for more movement and there is no hassle with wires. Looking at the features, it also offers a broad range of options. The color options are also nice to have. You can choose several colors as well as a random color that changes every set. Especially children like this. Or for therapists using the working memory theory, this can be used to cause extra stimulation. The Wireless app also allows for selecting your own sound or music files from your phone, to be played bilateral. This is a neat feature as some clients prefer relaxing music instead of the standard sounds. The Pulsators feel comfortable, and you can adjust the intensity from softly to quite intense. You can also activate lights on them so you could use the pulsators for bilateral eye movements as well.

The only disadvantage that we can find is that this model is not adjustable in height but someone at EMDR Kit told us they might incorporate this in a next model. A nice tip: the EMDR Kit app can be downloaded for free so you can use the audio function for free. Just use your own headphones.

EMDR Kit Classic

The Classic model is EMDR Kit’s wired option. It comes with a controller which has an internal battery and does not require batteries. This set comes with a tripod, so it is adjustable in height. Looking at the features, the classic has a bit fewer sound options but most of the options overlap with the EMDR kit Wireless. It seems to be a matter of preference in looks, controls, and adjustability in height. But if you do prefer a controller, this EMDR Kit Classic seems a robust model with many features packed into the controller unit.

Customer service and warranty

Looking at their customer service, it seems they take this very seriously. On Trustpilot, we can read a lot of positive experiences and reviews. On their website, it is stated that they offer two years of warranty and they ship with FedEx to most countries in the world. They also tend to reply to their email and contact forms very rapidly.


When you order from outside of Europe, The EMDR Kit Wireless complete set is 433,88 euros which are around 480 USD. Shipping to the USA costs around 50 USD extra so in total it will cost around 530 USD. Compared to the USA brand Neurotek, this is quite a good price. Especially when you consider Neurotek has fewer features, is produced in Asia, and has a shorter warranty period. The Classic EMDR Kit costs 384 euros which is around 425 USD. With shipping, this set will cost you around 475 USD.

You can also purchase the parts individually. If you do not want to work with a Light Tube, for example, you could also purchase only the pulsators.

What EMDR Kit Works Best For You?

EMDR Kit offers both good-looking and function-packed equipment. The options offered by the EMDR Kit are very extensive and allow you to adjust easily for any client. The fact that you can adjust any setting during use is super handy. It is a big plus that they produce their equipment themselves and do this locally. It seems they have good customer support which is great if you are depending on well-working equipment. It is a big investment but with EMDR Kit you will get the most bang for your bucks. After getting a taste of working with equipment you will no longer want to work without!

Our personal preference goes out to the EMDR Kit Wireless, but we can understand when therapists choose the Classic option, especially when adjustability in height is a must for you.


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