About Us

The EMDR healing blog was created out of a desire to provide resources to help people deal with and let go of trauma in life. Most of us suffer from unpleasant life events at some stage in life but some people seem to manage and “get over” it better than others. Others stay stuck ruminating and dwelling on the past, struggling to fully process unpleasant experiences and move on with their lives. This blog was created for those people.

We provide extensive content and resources on two major holistic methods of releasing trauma and letting go of the past – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Mindfulness. We will provide content on the benefits of both procedures and links to books, videos and other resources to help spread the word to people struggling with setbacks in life.

All content is written on the basis of personal experience practicing and undergoing both EMDR and Mindfulness as strategies for letting go of the past and dealing with conditions like depression and anxiety. We have also consulted EMDR professionals where relevant to help make our content as accurate and informative as possible.

See also our Youtube Channel for videos on the topic.

Disclaimer: This site is meant to provide resources and options  to people suffering from trauma and other unpleasant conditions like depression and anxiety. It is designed to disperse information and point people in the right direction by showing them options and resources that they may not have known existed. However when dealing with any kind of serious trauma or other psychological condition always seek the help and guidance of a qualified therapist or health professional.