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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy consists of reliving a past traumatic incident and reshaping your memory in the light of a positive, self-selected belief, all while employing rapid eye movements to aid the process.

Some individuals are wary about using the internet for therapy because there is not the same physical presence and proximity as sitting face-to-face with a therapist.

On the other hand, for medical and mental health professionals, online therapy has become an indispensable tool. It has been the only means to give critical services to the community at times throughout the pandemic.

You can now do EMDR therapy on online mental healthcare sites such as BetterHelp. While EMDR is not a new treatment, it is relatively new for online therapy. Furthermore, studies on online therapy have found it to be quite successful. 

BetterHelp is an online platform that links therapists throughout the country that can provide EMDR therapy to clients. Virtual EMDR treatment is combined with additional therapeutic procedures adapted to the clients’ requirements by BetterHelp clinicians.

How Can BetterHelp Assist You with EMDR Therapy?

BetterHelp is a legitimate, reputable organization that is a market leader in online treatment. The platform has over 22,000 therapists and almost two million patients. It is preferred by many individuals over traditional in-person treatment.

EMDR online treatment can be beneficial to people who are suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms. You may have just suffered a traumatic event or one that occurred months or years ago. Other than PTSD, EMDR is also being used for anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, and depression. 

BetterHelp therapists are all state-licensed, trained, and authorized, and each has a Master’s or Doctorate in their specialty. They also have a minimum of three years and 1,000 hours of hands-on experience. 

For the most part, EMDR given online can be successful. It is not suitable for individuals who cannot acquire privacy either at home or at work. 

How To Apply?

BetterHelp is one of the most well-known online counseling service providers that connect individuals with qualified mental health specialists. Furthermore, BetterHelp is a monthly subscription-based counseling platform that allows users to schedule individual sessions with a therapist or counselor.

By answering a few questions about yourself, you can join the BetterHelp platform. Basic information such as your age, where you reside, and whether or not you are in a relationship is included.

You will also be asked some questions regarding your EMDR symptoms. You will be allowed to describe the challenges for which you are seeking assistance. It is important to inquire about a professional EMDR specialist.

After signing up you will have access to and visibility of all messaging with the therapist. Your responses will assist your therapist in tailoring your sessions to your specific requirements.

You will receive an email from BetterHelp a few hours or at most a day after answering the questions informing you that a therapist has been assigned to you. 

Once you have found a match, contact your therapist to schedule a session in the format that works best for you. Inform them that you’re looking for EMDR

If the therapist assigned to you doesn’t specialize in EMDR, you can always ask for another, specifying that you want one who has specialized in it and has experience delivering it online. 

BetterHelp Price Plan

BetterHelp offers a subscription service, with prices ranging from $60 to $80 a week depending on the length of your plan. We have an exclusive 15% promo code for readers.

Moreover, BetterHelp’s price plans all offer unlimited texting and at least one weekly live video chat. Those that qualify might also get financial help from the firm.

However, BetterHelp’s lowest pricing for individuals in need of financial assistance is $48 per week. Hence, BetterHelp is the most economical membership, which includes a weekly live session and unlimited texting.

What to Expect from Your BetterHelp EMDR Therapy?

In terms of processing, online EMDR therapy is similar to face-to-face EMDR therapy. It is just as effective as traditional EMDR therapy. 

EMDR treatment helps the mind and body recover naturally by processing painful experiences. We all can have symptoms of PTSD after such experiences, but for many these symptoms become a nuisance. 

Without a little more aid, the mind and body cannot recuperate from the traumatic event.

It is good to have an idea of your therapeutic goals before your first online EMDR appointment. If you are unsure, you can discuss and clarify these with the BetterHelp live chat support. 

You must choose a secluded location that is both comfortable and well-lit. Furthermore, you may wish to bring comfortable objects with you.

You will need a desktop computer, a laptop with a larger screen or a phone. This will make using the BetterHelp app or website more pleasant for you.

Steps of an Online EMDR Therapy

Step 1

The first step in EMDR treatment online is a consultation which can be done through live chat, on-call or messaging. This is where we talk about the problems you are having and what therapeutic choices are available to you.

Step 2

The first few sessions are an opportunity for the therapists and you to get to know one another. This allows them to get to know you and become accustomed to working together before beginning any EMDR processing work. 

Step 3

EMDR treatment follows a set of guidelines that involve the development of tools to aid with trauma processing. Trauma processing takes place over several weeks and follows a certain framework. It also uses bilateral stimulation, for which, your therapist might use a virtual tool. 

Step 4

You may go back and re-evaluate where you are in your therapeutic process after EMDR treatment processing. 

Furthermore, EMDR can benefit you in the context of your overall therapy. You may be in a better position to consider other aspects of your life that need to be addressed in treatment.

Final Thoughts

Online EMDR allows for the same protocol to be delivered in a convenient, remote setting when coming into an office might be difficult. 

This psychotherapy approach is a good choice for anyone who has experienced mental health issues after negative life events. Reaching out to BetterHelp’s online EMDR therapist may be the key to healing that you have been searching for.



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